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We look back at last week’s flows, provide details on new ETF launches and include a timely data point or tool from the ETFLogic Insights Platform

One Week Trends

US Listed ETFs – Equity – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

Gold and precious metals led equity ETF returns last week, as well as Greece and South Africa.

Cannabis bottomed out, and technology took a hit as the House Judiciary Committee scrutinized the tech giants and launched an investigation over competition in the industry.

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

Long term treasuries led fixed income ETF returns last week, and high yield corporate ETFs were last weeks biggest losing category.

VelocityShares Long LIBOR ETN ULBR fell nearly 10% last week.

US Listed ETFs – Equity – 1 Week Inflows & Outflows

As market concerns carried on last week equity, ETFs only saw around $3b in inflows, led by iShares Core S&P 500 IVV.

Outflows were led by SPDR S&P 500 Trust SPY, with $4.5B leaving the fund.

It’s also noteworthy to mention last weeks outflows from iShares quality fund QUAL and inflows into momentum fund iShares Edge MSCI U.S.A Momentum Factor MTUM.

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income – 1 Week Inflows & Outflows

Treasury bond ETFs saw top inflows last week, led by intermediate-term ETF IEF, short term ETF SHY, and long-term ETF TLT.

Top outflows were led by high yield corporate bond ETFs iShares iBoxx USD high Yield Corporate Bond HYG and SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond JNK.

On-Screen Liquidity Momentum

Top 10 secondary-market volume increases where ADV 5-day increased substantially over ADV 20-day and ADV 5-day > $10mm

ETF Name    Ticker  % diff
iShares MSCI Europe Small-Cap ETFIEUS276%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Term Treasury ETFITE276%
WBI BullBear Global High Income ETFWBIH275%
PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETFCORP234%
Invesco BuyBack Achievers ETFPKW191%
iShares S&P GSCI Commodity Indexed TrustGSG188%
PIMCO 1-5 Year US TIPS Index ETFSTPZ186%
SPDR Portfolio Long Term Treasury ETFSPTL171%
JPMorgan Diversified Return International Equity ETFJPIN165%
Global X Cloud Computing ETFCLOU143%

New  Launches, Filings, Closings and Changes 

New Launches:

  • First Trust Indxx NextG ETF NXTG, 70 bps
  • WBI BullBear Trend Switch U.S. 3000 Total Return ETF WBIT, 68 bps
  • iM DBi Managed Futures Strategy ETF DBMF, 85 bps
  • Innovator ETFs added 3 more products to its suite of defined outcome ETFs
    • Innovator S&P 500 Buffer ETF – June BJUN
    • Innovator S&P 500 Power Buffer ETF – June PJUN
    • Innovator S&P 500 Ultra Buffer ETF – June UJUN
  • Roundhill Bitkraft Esports and Digital Entertainment ETF NERD, 25 bps
  • Nuveen added to their suite of ESG funds with the Nuveen ESG Large-Cap ETF NULC, 20 bps

New Filings

  • First Trust has filed for a new ESG ETF, the EIP Carbon Impact ETF=


  • ETF Industry Exposure & Financial Services ETF TETF will end trading on June 18th

Expense Ratio Changes

  • iShares India 50 ETF INDY, 92→89 bps
  • iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia ETF EEMA, 50→49 bps
  • iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap ETF EEMS, 67→66 bps
  • Xtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF HYUP, 35→20 bps
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Scott McKenna

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