US equities rose ever so slightly last week as earnings season kicked off, and fixed income flourished as the yield curve has returned to a more normalized level in recent weeks.

Globally, there was more confusion around Brexit and the IMF downgrading its outlook on global economic growth to 3%.

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One Week ETF Trends

US Listed ETFs – Equity – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

After a nearly 50% decline over the past few months, the ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF MJ bounced back up six and a half percent last week, followed by a majority of health care and marijuana-related ETFs.

Software-related ETFs were last weeks biggest losers, led by the Global X Cloud Computing ETF CLOU

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

International fixed income ETFs saw the best performance last week, stirred by the normalized yield curve.

On the other hand, long term US treasury ETFs saw the biggest decline, with ZROZ falling 2.2%.

US Listed ETFs – Equity – 1 Week Top Inflows & Outflows

Equity inflows were all below the $1B level, and were led by major index ETFs QQQ, ITOT and DIA. The iShares MSCI Japan ETF EWJ also saw inflows while the Japanese Yen strengthened last week.

SPY and IVV bottomed out in equity flows, and Mid-Cap equity ETFs overall seemed to be a category losing money last week.

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income -1 Week Top Inflows & Outflowss

High yield bond ETFs HYG and JNK saw the largest dollar inflows , followed by broad fixed income index ETF BND.

Treasury ETFs saw the largest outflows, led by short-term treasury ETF SHV followed by long-term treasury ETFs EDV and TLT.

On-Screen Liquidity Momentum

Top 10 secondary-market volume increases where ADV 5-day increased substantially over ADV 20-day and ADV 5-day > $10mm

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Launches, Filings, Closings, and Other Changes


  •  Merlyn.AI Bull-Rider Bear-Fighter ETF WIZ, 95bps


  • Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETF
  • Franklin Genomic Discovery ETF
  • Franklin Intelligent Machines ETF 
  • SmartETFs Marketing Technology ETF
  • First Trust Vivaldi Merger Arbitrage ETF


  • Reality Shares closes two ETF on Oct 22
    • Reality Shares Fundstrat DQM Long ETF DQML
    • Reality Shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy China ETF BCNA

Expense ratio changes

  • EventShares U.S. Legislative Opportunities ETF PLCY, 86 →75bps
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