Last week, coronavirus headlines hammered the markets, and we witnessed one of the biggest market corrections in the past decade.

 ETFs experienced massive trading volumes at $414B, which made up ~43% of all equity trading last week.

Grouping# ETFs1w YTD
Fixed Income423-$1.9B$33.5B
Asset Allocation62$11M$188M

Equity ETFs experienced massive outflows as investors looked to exit the markets during the panic. SPY lost over $10.7B for the week.



  • FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Buffer ETF – February FFEB, 85bps
  • FT Cboe Vest U.S. Equity Deep Buffer ETF – February DFEB, 85bps
  • Merlyn.AI Tactical Growth and Income ETF SNUG, 75bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2028 Term Treasury ETF IBTI, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2028 Term Treasury ETF IBTF, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2029 Term Treasury ETF IBTJ, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2024 Term Treasury ETF IBTE, 7bps
  •   iShares iBonds Dec 2022 Term Treasury ETF IBTB, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2026 Term Treasury ETF IBTG, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2021 Term Treasury ETF IBTA, 7bps
  • iShares iBonds Dec 2023 Term Treasury ETF IBTD, 7bps
  • Franklin Genomic Advancements ETF HELX, 50bps
  • Franklin Intelligent Machines ETF IQM, 50bps


  • Global X Silver Miners ETF SIL, 65→66bps
  • Global X Uranium ETF URA, 69→71bps
  • Global X Fertilizers/Potash ETF SOIL, 69→70bps
  • Legg Mason Emerging Markets Low Volatility High Dividend ETF LVHE, 51→50bps
  • Global X MSCI China Materials ETF CHIM, 66→65bps
  • Gadsden Dynamic Multi-Asset ETF GDMA, 71→77bps
  • Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETF SCHE, 13→11bps
  • Schwab International Small-Cap Equity ETF SCHC, 12→11bps
  • Global X SuperDividend ETF SDIV, 58→59bps
  • Global X SuperDividend US ETF DIV, 45→46bps
  • Global X MSCI Greece ETF GREK, 59→57bps
  • iShares Interest Rate Hedged Corporate Bond ETF LQHD, 25→24bp
  • Global X MSCI Colombia ETF GXG, 61→62bps
  • Global X MSCI Argentina ETF ARGT, 59→60bps
  • Global X MSCI Pakistan ETF PAK, 87→88bps
  • Global X MSCI China Financials ETF CHIX, 65→66bps
  • Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF NGE, 88→89bps
  • Global X MSCI China Communication Services ETF CHIC, 65→66bps
  • Global X MSCI SuperDividend Emerging Markets ETF SDEM, 67→66bps
  • Global X FTSE Nordic Region ETF GXF, 58→56bps
  • Global X DAX Germany ETF DAX, 20→21bps
  • Global X MSCI Portugal ETF PGAL, 57→58bps
  • Global X MSCI Next Emerging & Frontier ETF EMFM, 55→66bps
  • Global X MSCI SuperDividend EAFE ETF EFAS, 55→56bps
  • Global X MSCI China Information Technology ETF CHIK, 65→66bps
  • Global X Scientific Beta Europe ETF SCID, 38→39bps
  • Global X MSCI China Health Care ETF CHIH, 65→66bps
  • Global X MSCI China Consumer Staples ETF CHIS, 65→67bps
  • Global X Scientific Beta Japan ETF SCIJ, 39→40bps
  • Global X MSCI China Utilities ETF CHIU, 65→66bps
  • Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETF PDBC, 58→59bps
  • Janus Henderson Short Duration Income ETF VNLA, 35→32bps
  • JPMorgan Diversified Return International Equity ETF JPIN, 38→37bps
  • JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Equity ETF JPUS, 19→18bps
  • JPMorgan Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity ETF JPEM, 45→44bps
  • Janus Henderson Mortgage-Backed Securities ETF JMBS, 35→37bps
  • Invesco India ETF PIN, 82→78bps
  • Procure Space ETF UFO, 75→171bps
Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna

Sales & Marketing Director