Major US equity indexes hit new highs as the phase one US-China trade deal was signed. Corporate bond markets were focused on earnings, but saw continued strong demand.

Trade optimism helped European equities to overall rise last week. Speculations arose of a potential bank of England rate cut at the end of the month. Poor GDP growth out of Germany marks a continued economic slowdown out of the country.

Strong economic data out of China mixed with trade optimism pushed Chinese markets even higher, and Japan saw mixed performance in a shortened trading week.

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One Week ETF Trends

US Equity ETFs Best & Worst Performers

Cannabis ETFs experienced continued highs last week. China ETFs CHIK, CHNA, and KURE also saw highs as phase one of the US-China trade deal was signed.

Energy and precious metal ETFs dipped sharply again last week.

US Fixed Income ETFs Best & Worst Performers

Long term corporate bond ETFs were a winning trend last week, while long term Treasury ETFs saw a slight dip.

US Equity ETFs Top Inflows & Outflows

The iShares ESG ETFs ESGU and ESGE saw major inflows last week as Blackrock made major announcements about increasing their ESG initiatives.

SPY and QQQ had massive outflows, followed by small-cap Russell ETFs IWM and IWD.

US Fixed Income ETFs Top Inflows & Outflows

Intermediate-term corporate bond ETF VCIT led fixed income ETF flows, followed by iShares Mortgage-backed securities ETF MBB.

On-Screen Liquidity Momentum

Top 10 secondary-market volume increases where ADV 5-day increased substantially over ADV 20-day and ADV 5-day > $10mm

ETF NameTicker% Diff.
Franklin FTSE Japan ETFFLJP382%
iShares Edge MSCI U.S.A. Size Factor ETFSIZE303%
iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Asia ETFEEMA290%
VanEck Vectors Fallen Angel High Yield Bond ETFANGL277%
iShares Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETFEMHY254%
iShares Global Tech ETFIXN253%
iShares 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond ETFSHYG246%
Vanguard Short-Term Corporate Bond ETFVCSH240%

Industry Changes


  • MicroSectors Cannabis Index ETN MJJ, 70bps
  • MicroSectors Cannabis 2x Leveraged ETN MJO, 95bps
  • iShares U.S. Tech Breakthrough Multisector ETF TECB, 40bps
  • iShares Factors US Value Style ETF STLV, 25bps
  • iShares Factors U.S. Growth Style ETF STLG, 25bps


  • First Trust TCW Securitized Plus ETF
  • Goldman Sachs Energy Infrastructure Enhanced ETF
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