Wilshire Associates, a leading global, independent investment consulting and services firm, has partnered with ETFLogic to list The Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios on the ETFLogic model marketplace.

The Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios are a suite of six risked-based, strategic asset allocation portfolios investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Wilshire develops forward-looking, strategic forecasts based on proprietary institutional data to determine the asset allocation policy for each of the portfolios. Wilshire dynamically tilts each of the portfolios to emphasize assets and strategies that appear to be attractive and undervalued and de-emphasize assets and strategies that are not. 

ETFLogic’s model marketplace is a centralized resource for financial advisors and asset managers to view the latest portfolio strategies and compare them to their own investments using quantitative portfolio analysis tools.

To view the Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios and further analyze them in both the ETFLogic model marketplace and portfolio analysis tools, you can get trial access to ETFLogic’s platform via insights.etflogic.com or contact sales@etflogic.io. Extended free platform trials are available for investment advisors.

To learn more or implement the Wilshire Global ETF Allocation Portfolios, please reach out to representatives of Wilshire at 855-626-8281 or managedportfolios@wilshire.com .

Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna

Sales & Marketing Director