ETFLogic has announced new product releases on its Insights Platform, Model Marketplace and Portfolio Builder, bringing increasingly powerful tools to the advisor workflow. . These tools allow the advisor to explore hundreds of asset allocation ideas and iterate over them to achieve various objectives such as reducing overall portfolio risk, tilting towards factors and themes and enhancing potential returns.

These new tools allow advisors to load in a portfolio of ETFs and individual stocks. Based on a combination of Modern Portfolio Theory and ETFLogic’s workflow technology, the tool provides options to reduce overall risk in portfolios and explore alternative outcomes using a simple sliding scale. to explore metrics such as asset allocation, cost, risk, factors and more. Based on the constraints chosen, the tool will suggest a new allocation that optimizes risk and performance. Advisors can build custom reports directly within the tool and export to PDF format for client prospecting and distribution.

“The launch of the financial advisor workflow within our Insights platform last month was just the beginning,” said Dan Brodsky, COO of ETFLogic. “The addition of an optimization tool will simplify the advisor’s portfolio workflow so that they can focus on managing their practice and client prospecting. We are also very excited for additional rollouts and enhancements to ETF screening and portfolio workflows in the next quarter.”

These new platform tools will be debuted at the T3 Advisor technology conference in San Diego this week. Advisors interested in the Insights platform can receive a two-week free trial of the Insights platform by reaching out to sales@etflogic.io.

Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna

Sales & Marketing Director