ETFLogic, the leading ETF analytics platform provider, has announced the launch of LOGICLY, its enhanced web/cloud-based portfolio analysis platform for advisors.

LOGICLY is a new and comprehensive solution which goes beyond the analysis of just ETFs to also cover single stocks, international funds and mutual funds. LOGICLY is ETFLogic’s response to demand from financial advisors and asset managers for an ‘all-in-one’ solution.

LOGICLY features many new features, as well as major improvements, including advanced charting, API integrations with major brokerage accounts, a portfolio optimizer, and a model portfolio marketplace featuring models from Wisdomtree Asset Management, Fidelity, Wilshire Associates, and other model providers. In addition to ETF and portfolio analysis, the LOGICLY platform now supports single stocks and international funds. Mutual fund support will be available by the end of summer.

“Our work with advisors has consistently shown there is a huge gap in current analytics platforms,” said Dan Brodsky, COO and Co-Founder of ETFLogic. “We have developed LOGICLY in order to provide a more comprehensive portfolio analysis that will give advisors an edge when it comes to fund screening, portfolio construction, and improving client interaction. We are also very excited to continue our work with model portfolios by offering a comprehensive marketplace for advisors to explore all of the latest model strategies.”

We are offering a select number of advisors the opportunity to trial the LOGICLY platform for 14 days by visiting using the coupon code LOGICLY2020.

Scott McKenna

Scott McKenna

Sales & Marketing Director