Are you looking for more sophisticated data visualizations and analytics to help communicate your ETFs value?

With over 20 different apps and tools to analyze and visualize ETFs, ETFLogic is looking to transform the industry by providing more transparency to the entire ETF Ecosystem.

We work with Capital Markets, Sales, Investment Strategy and Marketing teams to offer a range of data visualization and analytic services:

  • ETFLogic’s flagship insights platform provides over 20 quantitative analytics tools to help provide transparency to ETFs and empower all participants in the ETF ecosystem.


    Use Cases:

    1. To discover new ETFs and Stocks to invest in

    2. To review your current investments and analyze prospective ETFs and Stocks to understand how they integrate into your portfolios

    3. To get Pre-trade analysis and guidance on any prospective ETF trades


    Key Features

    1. Web-based

    ETFLogic Insights platform is accessible on any web-enabled device, and was designed to be incredibly user-friendly on mobile devices and tablets.

    2. Third-party

    Because our platform is third-party, we are offering an unbiased, technical analysis of ETFs and Stocks. This poses as a major advantage when it comes to compliance and regulatory requirements.

    3. Exportable

    Almost all ETFLogic analytics and visualizations are exportable to PDF or excel format, allowing you to forward or present to clients or do further analysis outside of our platform

    4. Customizable

    Given our enormous database and capabilities, additional reports are available upon request and can be fully customized to better communicate an ETFs value.

  • With an enormous database and range of quant tools, ETFLogic is able to create custom reporting from our Insights platform. Any section of our platform can easily be exported to PDF or excel format, and we are able to package particular data points and visualizations into white labeled reports which can be passed on to clients, prospects, colleagues, and peers.

  • Boost your website analytics using ETFLogic

    • Plug our ready-to-go interactive analytics on your ETFs seamlessly into your website.

    • Fully customize the data and visualizations displayed on your website by working with our quant and web development teams.