Logicly Platform

Powerful investing analytic tools to screen for ETFs, understand market trends, analyze and report on client portfolios. All available via our web-based analytics platform.



ETF Screening & ETF Market Trends

Discover new ETFs to invest in based on peer group, stock exposure and more and compare ETFs head to head. Better understand key ETF market trends and where investor money has been flowing.

ETF Portfolio Construction & Portfolio Optimization

Easily construct new portfolios or upload and analyze existing ones to understand key metrics around liquidity, diversification/risk, cost, performance, and even ESG features.

Risk Profiling & Monitoring

Understand and monitor the risks associated with your ETFs and portfolios and compare ETFs head to head.

ESG Screening

Screen your ETF portfolios to ensure they meet the latest ESG standards.

Performance Attribution

Dive deep to understand what is driving ETF or portfolio performance.