ETFs have experienced 22% annualized growth for much of the last decade. That growth is expected to drive ETF assets from $5 trillion today to nearly $30 trillion by 2030.
ETFLogic brings a new level of transparency to the fast-growing world of ETFs through the use of analytics and data visualization. While many of our clients use our web-based platform or have us build custom analytic portals of their own, there has been increasing interest in harnessing the power of our data for alternative uses.
That is why we have launched our suite of 10 datasets - all pre-packaged and ready-to-go. Use cases for these datasets range from systematic and quant-driven strategies, actionable signals for tactical trading to monitoring for pre-trade analysis, investment due-diligence and risk measurement.
  • FMD – Single Stock Flow Monitor Dataset

  • J-FMD – Japan – Single Stock Flow Monitor Dataset

  • S-FMD – Sector Flow Monitor Dataset

  • EFF – ETF Fundamental Financial Statement Features

  • EEE – ETF Earnings Consensus Estimates

  • ETF Factor Exposures and Scores

  • ETF Peer Group Taxonomy and Classification

  • ETFLogic Liquidity Metrics

  • Microstructure Tickdata Features

  • ETF ESG Ratings