Powerful portfolio analytics, built by investment industry experts.


The ETFLogic team is made up of former market makers, traders, quants, and have years of experience within the ETF and investment industry.

All of this knowledge has helped the team focus on solving problems when it comes to the complex processes of investment research and portfolio construction.


The Story


In 2017, a group of market makers and traders realized there was a huge gap in the analytics market when it came to analytics around ETF liquidity. They set out to develop tools for the capital markets teams at ETF issuers, to help them better navigate the markets.

The liquidity tools, which include our TruLiquidity ETF scoring, quickly expanded to include more tools to help answer complex quantitative questions for ETF issuers.

In our continued work with ETF issuers, it became apparent that the tools we were creating were used to answer inbound requests wholesalers were receiving from financial advisors. They were being asked questions about how to trade ETF products, how they compared to their current funds, and how they fit into their portfolios.

We began consulting with a select group of financial advisors, learning about their current workflows for ETF screening and portfolio construction. In January of 2020, we launched the Logicly platform with tailored workflows for financial advisors. Later in April, we expanded the platform with a workflow dedicated to helping financial advisors who use third party model portfolios perform research and monitor model portfolios.

Jan 2017

Our co-founders began developing a tool to help ETF issuers better navigate ETF liquidity.

Apr 2018

The ETFLogic toolset began to expand beyond trading and liquidity analytics to further help ETF Issuers

Dec 2018

Partnered with the New York Stock Exchange to power an ETF screener for NYSE ETF website visitors

Jan 2019

Received strategic investment of $4M from ETFS Capital

Apr 2019

Began consulting with financial advisors on their current portfolio workflows

Jan 2020

The Logicly advisor workflows were announced at Inside ETFs

Apr 2020

The Logicly Model Portfolio Marketplace launched to offer advisors a centralized resource to research model portfolios

Emil Tarazi

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Brodsky

COO & CoFounder

Lindsey Tewell

Head of Sales

Colin Gloeckler, CFA

Senior Quantitative Strategist

Scott McKenna

Director of Marketing and Sales

Boris Drovetsky, PhD

Senior Quantitative Strategist

Eric Wexler

Senior Web Developer

Vincent Chin

Senior Quantitative Developer

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