Transforming the way Investors look at the Markets

ETFLogic is an ETF analytics provider focused on providing better transparency to the world of ETF investing. With multiple tools to analyze and visualize ETFs, ETFLogic is transforming the industry and providing better data visualization for all participants.

ETF issuers, financial advisors, and ETF traders use our web-based Logicly® platform for ETF screening, market trends, ETF portfolio construction, and trade analysis. We also integrate our analytics and ETF tools into websites for clients and industry thought leaders.

ETFLogic was founded in 2017 by former market makers and traders who were frustrated with the lack of professional tools to assist in their day to day quantitative processes and began to build out tools to help analyze ETF trading metrics. Over the past two years, the portfolio of tools available now on ETFLogic’s Logicly® platform has grown to incorporate all aspects of the marketplace.

In January 2019, we received a $4M investment from ETFS Capital, a private equity firm investing in ETF service providers who are transforming the ETF eco-sphere.

We recently launched our Logicly® platform, which will greatly improve the user experience for all of our clients. Logicly® will expand our database to include screening of individual stocks, mutual funds, and all international listings in order to fully represent the entire investment landscape.

Our Team

Emil Tarazi

CEO & Co-Founder

Dan Brodsky

COO & Co-Founder

Lindsey Tewell

Head of Sales

Scott McKenna

Marketing & Sales Director

Colin Gloeckler, CFA

Senior Quantitative Strategist

Boris Drovetsky, PhD

Senior Quantitative Analyst

Eric Wexler

Senior Software Developer

Vincent Chin

Senior Quantitative Developer