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ETFLogic is a data analytics provider focused on providing better transparency to the world of ETF investing. With multiple tools to analyze and visualize ETFs, ETFLogic is transforming the industry and providing better data visualization for all participants.
ETF issuers, advisors, and traders use our web-based Insights platform to discover new trends and investments, optimize their portfolios, and receive pre-trade cost analysis. We also integrate our analytics and tools into websites for clients and industry thought leaders.
ETFLogic was founded in 2017 by former market makers and traders who were frustrated with the lack of professional tools to assist in their day to day quantitative processes and began to build out tools to help analyze ETF trading metrics. Over the past two years, the portfolio of tools available on the ETFLogic Insights platform has grown to incorporate all aspects of the marketplace.
in January 2019, we received a $4M investment from ETFS Capital, a private equity firm investing in ETF service providers who are transforming the ETF eco-sphere.
In the coming months, we will be launching Insights 2.0, which will greatly improve the user experience for all of our clients. Insights 2.0 will expand our database to include screening of individual stocks, mutual funds, and all international listings in order to fully represent the entire investment landscape.
Emil Tarazi
CEO & Co-Founder
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Emil is the CEO and Co-Founder of ETFLogic. Emil brings over fourteen years of financial markets experience, having been at the crossroads of trading and technology. He began his career on the UBS Program Trading desk where he designed and ran high frequency strategies and managed portfolio risk. At HSBC he worked on the Delta-1 desk trading ETFs and index swaps. Subsequently, at Cantor Fitzgerald he ran the firm’s ETF Lead Market Making (LMM) book, working closely with ETF issuers to list and trade their products. In 2017, with the intention of bringing increased transparency to the world of ETFs, he helped start ETFLogic. The focus is on delivering the high-quality tools and analytics he had developed throughout his career as a professional trader to a much wider audience, thus leveling the playing field for all investors.
Richard Radnay
Head of Business Development
Richard heads up business development for ETFLogic and is currently focused on expanding ETFLogic's client base. Richard has twenty years of experience as head of technology (CIO, CTO, IT Executive) managing developers, data science, infrastructure and research. He co-founded and built XTF, a provider of comprehensive ETF ratings, research and investment decision support tools to institutional and retail clients worldwide. In 2016, XTF was acquired by the London Stock Exchange Group.
Lindsey Tewell
Head of Sales
Senior Software Developer
Lindsey Tewell is the Head of Sales for ETFLogic. Lindsey began her career on Wall Street at JPMorgan after graduating from Miami University (OH) in 2005. She worked in Private Banking, Investment Banking (Financial Institutions Coverage) and Sales & Trading over the 7 years she was there. In 2012, she left for the buy-side entering the ETF industry at ProShares as a founding member of their institutional sales effort. In 2016, she joined GFI Group, an inter-dealer broker, to launch the buy-side business for their electronic corporate bond trading platform. Lindsey is on the New York board of Women in ETFs and the Kentuckians of New York.
Scott McKenna
Sales & Marketing Associate
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Scott works on the sales and marketing team, and helps to position ETFLogic as a key thought leader in the ETF industry. Scott began his career at digital media and advertising outlet Asset TV, where he worked closely with a client base of Financial technology companies and asset managers to produce engaging video content. Scott helped to launch and build Asset TV's FinTech and ETF programming channels geared towards an audience of institutional investors and financial advisors. He holds a bachelors degree in economics from the University of Albany.
Raj Subramanian
Quantitative Developer
Raj works on the development team at ETFLogic, where he helps to improve the Insights platform capabilities. Raj has demonstrated a strong history in quantitative development with major financial institutions such as CME Group, JP Morgan, and BNY Mellon.
Dan Brodsky
COO & Co-Founder
Dan Brodsky has over 20 years of experience working for leading global derivative and financial service companies, including Bear Stearns and GFI Group. He has designed international trading, settlement and ETF market-making infrastructure to execute and clear trades globally. For the past ten years he has supervised US equity sales, operations and trading on behalf of major hedge funds, long-only institutional funds and top-rated global banks and broker-dealers with a multitude of trading strategies. Brodsky’s settlement and in-house designed platforms have been responsible for clearing multibillion dollars in global equities and options from over 20 countries. Dan helped to integrate the compliance, risk and financial accounting aspects of trading within a global infrastructure while dedicating a significant portion of his time to fostering relationships with clients. He introduced new technologies and enhanced sales revenue while lowering costs. Throughout his career, Dan manifested an instinct for strategy and a talent for innovative processes. Furthermore, he understands how to both articulate and build platforms to help sustain, enhance and execute a portfolio managers growth and vision in all types of global asset classes and allocation needs in both passive and active investment. Dan has his Series 24, 4, 55, 63 and 7 licenses.
Colin Gloeckler, CFA
Senior Quantitative Strategist
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Colin works as a Senior Quantitative Strategist at ETFLogic. He brings more than seven years of experience in the financial market industry. Most of his career, Colin worked on conceiving, developing and maintaining complex, highly data-consuming systems and algorithms. Most recently, he spent over five years working as a quantitative trader for one of the largest European proprietary trading firm. In his previous role, he led the design and deployment effort for the firm’s algorithmic trading architecture, while being actively involved in the management of systematic investment strategies in the Futures space. Colin holds a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from E.N.S.E.A. (France) as well as a M.Sc. in Quantitative Finance from Dauphine University (France). He has been a CFA Charterholder since 2018.
Boris Drovetsky, Sb, PhD
Senior Quantitative Analyst
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Boris is the Sr. Quantitative Analyst at ETFLogic. Boris brings more than fifteen years of financial market experience. He spent most of his career working at electronic trading desks at several sell-side firms. While at Deutsche Bank he worked on a variety of projects ranging from proprietary trading, to smart order router, to principal trading of client portfolios and central risk book. Most recently, at Cantor Fitzgerald, he has been analyzing the current execution venues structure including cross-connectivity, latencies, pricing, and liquidity patterns to design optimal routing strategies. Boris joined ETFLogic in 2019 with the goal of building an equity analytics platform. Boris holds an MS in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry from Moscow State University, Russia and a PhD in Chemical Physics from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Eric Wexler
Senior Software Developer
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