ETF Weekly Update 6/14

It’s a busy week for the ETFLogic team – with our quant team at the Battlefin event in New York talking about our ETF dataset products and sales heading to Dana Point for the IMN Global Indexing & ETFs event.

Our head of Sales Lindsey Tewell will be speaking on a panel at the IMN event on New & noteworthy ETFs to discuss what exactly is required to bring a liquid, investable product to market in today’s increasingly crowded ETF landscape, as well as chart the next wave of innovation in the sector. Other topics for the panel include:

  • Do no-fee ETFs have the potential to unseat index fund giants?
  • How are regulatory shifts impacting exchange rules and operating models for market-makers?
  • How are new funds being marketed, and to which segments of investors? How are ETF investor sentiments changing?
  • Which ETF strategies are experiencing the fastest growth? Is growth likely to keep up in a prolonged bull market? How are ETFs expected to perform in a downcycle?

One Week Trends

US Listed ETFs – Equity – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

Last week, Pfizer PFE acquired Array ARRY for a 50% premium – which gave a huge boost to biotech ETFs, especially SBIO which has a 6.26% weight in ARRY. Gold miner ETFs also posted top returns for the week.

The Barclays Return on Disability ETN RODI took the biggest hit, followed by India ETF SCIF and semiconductor ETFs. VanEcks esports ETF ESPO also made last weeks worst returns, potentially due to the entrance of the new esports ETF NERD.

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income – 1 Week Best & Worst Returns

With a lot of hype around the fed and the press potential to cut interest rates, US treasury ETFs soared.

International fixed income names were last weeks biggest losers.

US Listed ETFs – Equity – Top Inflows & Outflows

SPY and QQQ led equity inflows, followed by the consumer discretionary, materials XLB, and financial XLF sector funds.

iShares MSCI EAFE EFA led outflows last week, followed by industrials, emerging markets, and energy. China, health care and Russia also saw money flowing out for the week.

US Listed ETFs – Fixed Income – 1 Week Inflows & Outflows

iShares iBoxx corporate bond ETF LQD led fixed income inflows, while iShares 1-3 year treasury bond SHY bottomed out.

Treasury ETFs overall saw a mix of inflows and outflows last week, as sentiment has been mixed about whether or not the fed will cut interest rates.
On-Screen Liquidity Momentum

Top 10 secondary-market volume increases where ADV 5-day increased substantially over ADV 20-day and ADV 5-day > $10mm

ETF Name    Ticker  % diff
Xtrackers MSCI All China Equity ETFCN395%
PIMCO RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Markets Equity ETFMFEM391%
Principal Active Income ETFYLD390%
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Industrials ETFRGI269%
iShares Exponential Technologies ETFXT219%
Invesco S&P SmallCap Low Volatility ETFXSLV214%
iShares Broad USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETFUSHY210%
Invesco S&P 500 Equal Weight Health Care ETFRYH206%
Invesco Optimum Yield Diversified Commodity Strategy No K-1 ETFPDBC202%
Invesco BulletShares 2019 Corporate Bond ETFBSCJ192%

New Launches, Filings, Closings and Changes 

New Launches:

  • KFA Large Cap Quality Dividend Index ETF KLCD 41 bps
  • iShares Genomics Immunology and Healthcare ETF IDNA 47 bps
  • iShares Cybersecurity and Tech ETF IHAK47 bps
  • KFA Small Cap Quality Dividend Index ETF KSCD 51 bps

New Filings:

  • KFA Global Carbon ETF
  • Franklin Liberty US Core Bond ETF


  • Two Global X funds are set to see their last day of trading on July 5. Both track indexes from J.P. Morgan and are ETFs of ETFs
    • The Global X JPMorgan Efficiente Index ETF EFFE
    • Global X JPMorgan US Sector Rotator Index ETF SCTO

Expense Ratio Changes:

  • Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF VIG 8→6 bps
  • Columbia EM Core ex-China ETF XCEM 23→16 bps
  • Innovation Alpha Trade War ETF TWAR 80→81 bps
  • American Century Diversified Corporate Bond ETF KORP 45→29 bps
  • JPMorgan Diversified Return Europe Equity ETF JPEU 38→37 bps
  • JPMorgan Diversified Return Global Equity ETF JPGE 38→29 bps