For ETF Screening & Due Diligence

Perform due diligence and screen the marketplace to discover new investments.


For Portfolio Building & Analysis

Review your current investments and better understand key metrics to optimize your portfolios.

For Pre-Trade Analysis

Better understand key cost and liquidity metrics and receive guidance on prospective ETF trades.

For Website Analytics

Integrate ETFLogic tools into your website to create an interactive environment for investors to explore your products or screen the marketplace.

For Issuer Compliance

With the new ETF Rule comes additional requirements for issuers to provide extra disclosures and better transparency to investors. ETFLogic provides a suite of tools to help issuers meet those requirements. 

For Corporate Advisory

Corporate Scorecards and data intelligence takes a deep dive into a company’s passive ownership trends including full ETF controllability, voting and indexing insights for Investor Relations, CFOs and CEOs.