For Trading Transparency

Uncover the TruCost™ and Truliquidity™ of your trades by having our platform break down the basket with easy-to-use tools and scorecards.


For Portfolio Building

Robust allocation models with quantitative tools using machine learning for optimal portfolio construction.

For Corporations

Our corporate Scorecards and data intelligence takes a deep dive into a company’s passive ownership trends including full ETF controllability, voting and indexing insights for Investor Relations, CFOs and CEOs.

ETF Controllability

ETF Controllability



Indexing Insights

Indexing Insights

For Alternative Data

Uncover new facets of the market and drive your quantitative alpha and risk models with ETF signals.

ETF Monitor

$XLK is the worst performing sector today down -370bps. Using @etflogic intraday attribution tool we see that -200bps (>50% of the loss) is from just 5 names: $AAPL $MSFT $V $ADBE $MA (slightly < 50% basket weight)

This week's EQ #ETF winners. Thematics seem to be all the rage: $MJ $TAN $REMX $URA $ARKG $FAN $FIW $ICLN (1 week trailing returns)

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